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Let’s Be a part of The Uberisation and start your ride-hailing business with the best uber clone app launch with your brand name and logo. Buy uber clone our premium in-demand feature loaded taxi booking app solution and manage your multi-place ride-hailing business at single place.

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Best Uber Clone App Development Solution

As a leading uber type app development firms. We provide a white label uber clone app development solution for any scale of business for a startup to the enterprise. Buy Perfect and ready to use uber clone script, that loaded with all in-demand features along with for match your business perfectly we offer the complete feature customization option. Even in our enterprise package, we provide uber clone source code for vendors for any advanced personalization.

What We Offer In

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Customer Application

Rider Can Book or Schedule Trip with Few Mobile Tap

Social Media Login

Customer can do registration and login with their social media or email account.

Online Payment Option

Customer can pay their trip charges through debit/credit card or choose pay by cash option.

Ride Verification

Once a nearby chauffeur confirms service request they can get ride verification via SMS and Email.


Customer can share their service experience as feedback and rate based on a scale of five stars.

Trip Cancellation

With a valid trip cancellation reason, the customer can request for canceling a trip.

SOS Panic Button

With SOS Panic button they can inform friends or family members when they in danger situation.

Chauffeur Application

Get Trip Request Online with a simple workflow

Submit Document

To start service as chauffeur its must submit the essential document through apps.

Online Service Request

Once registration was complete they can receive trip service request with accepting or reject option.

Navigation and ETA

With the help of apps, chauffeurs can navigate the customer location and receive ETA details.

In-App Wallet

To add the amount in the wallet, the chauffeurs can able to accept cash or service trip.

Earning Management

Chauffeurs can manage their earning details with complete trip history based on daily, weekly, monthly.

Auto Offline

When the chauffeur location is ideal for a single location they automatically go offline with alert notification.

In-App Chat

The chauffeurs can chat with a support agent if have any query or question regarding the trip.

Admin Dashboard

Handle Your Multi place ride-hailing business by using the dashboard

Map View

With help of map view, the admin can view all user real-time geo-location detail on google map.

Trip Details

In Admin Dashboard they can check all completed trip details like user profile, payment method etc.

Multi Countries & Cities

Admin can add and manage multiple countries and cities for business with the rights of any time on/off.

User Management

Admin can manage each user profile details with add new, edit and decline profile rights.

Reports and Statistics

The admin can check the business work reports and statistics with graphical insights.

Multiple Type Services

Admin can add and manage their business service type like SUV, Sedan, Mini Cab, Luxury etc.

Rate and Review

Admin can see the user shared rate and review details with edit and decline particular record rights.

Dispatch Console

Conduct more trip request with phone calls with help of dispatch console

Profile Management

The dispatcher can manage their profile essential details with any time edit rights.

Dispatch Request

With help of dispatch console, A person can request any nearby chauffeur to dispatch trip.

Manage Request

The dispatcher can manage service request and assign trip as per availability of chauffeurs.

Earning Detail

With the help of dispatcher console, they can manage their earning details.

Trip History

Dispatcher can check all completed trip history with detail information based on daily, weekly, monthly.

Fare Estimation

The dispatcher can get fare estimation of trip charge acco- rding to the source and destination location of the user.

Partner Console

Grow your business with a local provider

Manage Profile

The partner can manage their profile with added essential detail while any time editing option.

Manage chauffeurs

Within the web panel, the partner can manage their all chau- ffeurs profile details with the edit, decline profile rights.

Manage Vehicle

Partner can manage their service type and vehicle-related details within web panel.

Earnings Detail

Partner can manage their own and their all chauffeurs earning detail with complete history.

Add Bank Details

To receive service amount from the administrative person its must that the partner can add their banking detail.

Interactive Statistics

In partner panel, they can get an interactive statistics for earning, trip and user activity with graphical insight.

User Console

Book Trip through the web console

Book now or schedule

The customer can book a trip immediately or schedule as per their requirement.

Crete Request or Book

They can create service requests as per their need or book immediately.

Payment Method

Customer can pay their service charge through credit/debit or use the in-app wallet or pay on service option.

Upload Documents

Customer can upload essential document (as per need of administrative) with user console.

Profile Management

The customer can manage their profile essential details with edit any profile anytime rights.

Add Pickup Location

The customer can set their pickup location manual to the enter detail or set pin on a map.

Chauffeur Console

Manage Chauffeurs service through the web

Earning Detail

The chauffeurs can see their all completed trip earning details with history based on daily, weekly, monthly earning.

Upload Document

Within apps, the chauffeurs can upload their essential document and start service.

Add Bank Details

To get their completed trip service earning from the admini- strative person its must to add bank account details.

Profile Management

The chauffeurs can manage their profile essential details through web console and edit white anytime.


The chauffeurs can check their completed trip history with in queue service request.


The chauffeur can see the all completed trip earning details with reports.

Hotel Console

Provide dynamic facility with hotel panel

Manage Profile

Hotels can manage their profile with the details of the hotel.

Send The Request

On behalf of the riders, hotels can send the trip request to the chauffeurs.

Add All Details

They can add all the details of a rider’s on their address like floor and room number details.

Manage request

Hotel can manage the current trip request as well as the future trip request and its schedule.

Manage Earnings

With the help of hotel panel, they can see the earning details and manage it.

Attach Bank Details

To receive a commission from the admin, they can attach the bank details.

Complimentary features

that we offer free of cost

Custom Payment Gateway Integration

On any Uber type app development payment gateway is a turnkey functionality of the service. In our Uber clone app solution, we provide a facility where the vendors can request for integration custom/local payment gateway this feature can help to provide extra comfortability and choose to use your taxi hailing solution. As default payment gateway we integrate Stripe.

Multilingual Integration

It’s a fact that every vendor wishes to their business grow in multiregion. So, we provide a facility where the vendors can request to integrate their business area preferred language along with English. It’s Completely free of cost facility just need to share your requirement. we can integrate into your Uber type app. For Ex. R2L(Urdu, Farsi, Persian, Arabic, Hebrew etc), Spanish, French, Portuguese etc.

App and Web Theme Color Changes

We wish our taxi booking software solution perfectly match with your brand. Our creative UI/UX designer team can create the attractive UI and easy to understand apps functionality design. In this feature, we provide X type of color variation and customization to ensure that a solution perfectly represents your brand and this Uber type app work seamlessly in your market region.

Local Currency Integration

As a complimentary wee integration USD as default and primary currency option in Uber app script along with a functionality where just you can just knowing us that which currency you need to integrate into your Uber/Lyft Clone script solution for example. EUR, AUD, GBP, BRL. CAD, EGP, IRR, CHF, AED etc we can do this without any extra add-ons cost.

Multi-Facility Feature

Grow your business in multi-region with accessing our multi-service feature of uber clone solution.

Multi Countries Support

When you look to create Uber clone app for your business, it’s possible that you operate a service in multiple regions or a wish to start. In our Uber clone script dashboard, we provide a functionality where you can ON any specific country for start business along with managing essential details like that particular country code, currency and its sign, referral bonus and its detail setting and with the option of start or stop while anytime.

Multi Cities Support

With this taxi booking software vendors can manage their multi cities business separately at a single place. The administrative person can add cities in business with details like city name, service type etc. and manage all transaction and trip information with a complete history along with the option of start or stop while anytime even the administrative person can explore the all data in an excel sheet.

Multiple Service Type

With the help of this system, the admin can set an service for the customer. They can add multiple service type for an example SUV, Sedan, Luxury etc, Even more, they can manage the all vehicle details along with the rights of add new, edit or decline service type details. Admin can manually assign any service type for particular chauffeurs and manage that all details hassle free.

Different Trip charge for the same city

In ride-hailing business it’s a common thing that each service type has a different price rate. Even it’s possible that surge charge based on time or occasion even service demand. It’s possible that same region of cities have higher traffic rate compare to other areas. For this situation, we integrate features where the vendors can set different trip charges as per zone vise for the same city.

Advanced Features – Uber Clone Script App

A Turnkey features that make a great impact on your own Uber clone script app

Pixel Perfect Design

In our Uber app script solution, we offer complete UI customization option. Vendors can customized app UI and flow as per their choice and business need. Our experienced graphics designer craft your taxi booking services apps to the scratch and build a pixel perfect UI that help to maintain app service flow easy and apps & panel design simple as well as attractive and that match perfectly to your brand.

Taxi-Hailing Trip

With taxi hailing trip features your service provider can do the entry off on-road trip service details. They can create manually trip request with entering source to destination location details along with payment, user and payment method details. The administrative person can separately manage this kind of trip details. with filter and explore data on excel sheet option.

Gender-Based and Baby Seat Facility

With our Uber clone app solution, we can provide same extraordinary features like provide taxi-hailing service based on gender you can provide female chauffeurs facility to your female customer. Even more, you can provide a service like a special excitability. for example, handicap seat, wheelchair seat etc. or provide an option like hail taxi with a baby seat facility.

Complete Branding

In this Careem clone app solution, we provide complete branding facility in apps as well as web panels. We know that this your own Uber app clone solution and you’re branding its most important things for you. We provide this white labeling functionality without any extra cost.

Technical Support

We wish that we provide a perfect solution for your business. You get a 3-month free technical support in that duration; we provide complete technical aspect support like a bug fix, crash fix, upgrade app version. For the request for support, you can generate service ticket on our help desk or post a question in that our technical support team content you on personally and provide the best facility that is possible.

Fixed Airport Price Feature

This is exceptional features that we provide without any extra cost. In this functionality, the vendors can provide to and from airport trip service with a fixed price. In that customer can hail a taxi to or from any location. They can pay the charges that already fixed. The administrative person can separately manage this type of trip service using dashboard.

InterCity Fixed Price Feature

For providing extra reliability to the your customer. we integrate this features where the administrative person can set a fixed price for X to Y location for intercity. This feature provides a benefit to the rider that no matter which route followed by the chauffeurs on a trip the payable service charges are been prefixed.

Graphical Insights and statistics

Within our Uber app script dashboard the administrative person can check throughout system reports and statistics with graphical insights to analyze business grow and user needs. With this functionality business vendors can easily visualize their business growth and take a next business decision to grow their business at a higher stage.

Hotel Console

We research and analyze in depth requirement of ride-hailing business. That’s a reason we provide Hotel console where the hotel staff can directly request for a trip behalf of riders with some essential details like a floor or room number with the destination location. For this kind of trip, The hotel can get a commission and the administrative person can see this trip request details on Dashboard and manage commission rate of the hotel.

Dispatcher Console

For a book trip request through phone calls, we provide dispatch service console where the dispatcher can create a trip service request and assign trip service to any particular chauffeur as per their geolocation details that can analyze within a console. Even more, the dispatcher can see the completed trip history along with In-queue trip details and other functionality like check earning details, add back details, map view, etc.

Online Payment

For trip service rider can pay their service charge through credit or debit card or either pay using in-app wallet. Even we provide the functionality in an app where the rider can select cash on service option. For in app wallet functionality it’s must that before the trip rider can add money amount in a wallet that will automatically be deducted at the end of a trip.

Cross-Platform Support

In this Uber clone script we craft all functionality that will support in visa versa in-app as well as a web console. All the functionality and features are work similar in both so the user can manage their all activity at cross-platform. Even we provide custom flow for single features we can modify on Uber clone source code as per your need.

Fleets across the globe using our uber clone solution

A Taxi and Ground Transportation Firms that Hail There Business with our white label uber clone script
apps and 2X+ business revenue

Choose Your Favorite Color & Language to build your own Uber App Clone

We provide ‘X’ type of theme color and language modification option. Just lets us know your needs
we can provide you a perfect match for your choice and requirement.

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Have a Look at the price packages that we offer in Lyft Clone. And choose the package that perfectly supports your business and need.

Frequently Asked Questions

We used native android and iOS platform to build this Uber clone app. In which Android application build in Android studio using Java and XML language and iOS application using swift language. Android application support JellyBean and above OS and iOS application support above 8.0 version.
In a 3 month free support we provide a support for bug fixed, crash and resolution issue, System version update support due to OS updates. Any features and customization request not included in this Free support.
Yes, we provide custom payment gateway integration facility free if STRIPE and PAYPAL are not supported in your region elsewhere the business vendors can use our add-ons package to integration custom payment gateway in the Uber script.
At the purchase time we provide you a single user license. Where you can manage the product for only a single business. If you want a multi-usage license, please contact us at
Yes, when a free support time period complete vendors can use our sales supports a package that can customize as per your needs for more information you can reach us at
Yes, as per your business requirement we can do customization in our Uber clone solution features. You can easily get a quote for an additional requirement writing a mail at
Yes, we provide a flexibility in registration and login module rider can easily complete registration and login with their social media account.
Yes, we provide a multiple payment method options they can pay their service charge through debit or credit card even they can pay the service charge with the in-app wallet.
Yes, riders are able to see their previous payment history with all details like trip source and destination location, date/time, payment Method.
Yes, riders can select the vehicle as per their requirements from the multiple options like a mini, sedan, luxury, etc.
Yes, riders can do the request for the future ride. In our Uber app clone, we provide the option of the ride now or schedule as per their needs.
Yes, The admin can manage more than one city and countries business with an admin dashboard with all management rights.
Yes, The administrative person can manually add any hotel details and give access to book ride behalf of the customer.
Yes, admin can add the new vehicles to provide selection option to the riders.
Yes, to create a trip request on behalf of riders, the admin can add the dispatcher and manage their all activity.
Yes, admin can see the all trip earning details along with statistics and graphical insights.
Yes, we provide a separate dispatched console to manage dispatch service task.
Yes, the dispatcher can create the service request on behalf of the riders and fill the all required details.
Yes, dispatcher can handle all service requests and also manage the pickup and destination location of the riders.
Yes, dispatcher provides the trip information to the riders like fare estimate time of arriving-ETA and payment details.
Yes, if admin wants to add multiple dispatch console to create the request on behalf of riders, they can add more than one dispatched console.
Yes, we provide an advanced functionality in Uber clone script where the hotel staff can create service request on behalf of the customer.
Yes, The Hotel gets the commission as per the rate that decides by an admin to create any service request on behalf of rider.
When hotel staff creating service request on behalf of a customer, they can provide such information like the floor and room number details.
Yes, the hotel can see the rider's history with all details like to and from location, earning method, etc.
Yes, we provide a separate console for the partners to manage their service.
Yes, The partner can add their service provider chauffeurs details with partner console.
Yes, The partner can manage their earning details with reports even they can check complete earning history.
Yes, The partner can create a trip service request behalf of the customer with entering to and from details.
Yes, The partner can attach their banking details to the console to get their earning amount from the administrative person.