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Our innovation-driven, robust and highly scalable IT solutions
helps transform businesses working in the logistics domain.

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We Serve Customers in the
Transportation and Logistics Industry.

Allow our logistics software development company in New York City to leverage its extensive technological experience to help you modernise your transportation logistics business. Our primary objective is to develop solutions that address your supply chain and other specific stages.

Logistics Management Solutions

As a rapidly rising logistics software development firm based in New York City, we provide transportation companies with strong logistics management software that enables them to run their operations more efficiently. Our programme is designed to facilitate the management of materials, items, sales, orders, and inventories.

Warehouse Management System

Improve warehouse efficiency with our advanced supply chain management technologies. Our sophisticated warehouse management system allows you to keep a closer eye on everything. Uncomplicated warehouse management systems include real-time transaction processing and better storage.

Supply Chain Management

Transform your supply chain digitally. Our supply chain management professionals provide best-in-class solutions that encompass all critical components, from incoming to outbound logistics. Each of our supply chain management solutions is coupled with a comprehensive range of features that enables us to give superior service to our customers.

Dispatch Routing Software

AOX Apps' cutting-edge dispatch routing software solutions provide real-time tracking of route progress. Our years of experience in the transportation industry enable us to build software from the ground up and dispatch the fleet efficiently. Additionally, we incorporate telematics technologies to compute speed, fuel consumption, and other variables.

Customized Mobile & Web Apps

Manage your logistics and transportation operations with simplicity by designing fully tailored solutions that fit your firm's ever-changing demands. With a strong and fully functional mobile app solution, you can improve operational efficiency, automate processes, and increase supply chain visibility.

Inventory Management Solutions

Reduce the danger of overstocking by developing inventory management software solutions. We offer inventory software development across a broad range of industrial verticals, employing EDI interfaces and deployment to eliminate redundancies and double-entry errors. Our solutions work flawlessly on both iOS and Android devices.

Operations Management can help logistics companies grow at a faster rate.

Improving real-time fleet management for transportation and logistics organisations by utilising the most up-to-date technology.

Automated Warehouse

Take moves toward automated warehousing solutions in order to meet the complicated demands of your customers. We assist warehouses in automating procedures with expertise that simplifies inventory organisation and ensures quality control for large quantities of product.

Logistics Route Optimization

AOX Apps has a team of experts in machine learning, AI, and big data technologies that help with real-time shipping delivery calculations. We can help you design automated procedures that match your company's fleet.

Demand forecasting

Leverage the potential of emerging technologies like as AI and machine learning; we develop logistics software or apps that use cutting-edge technologies. This robust app assists you in preparing monthly orders, minimising stock-outs, and saving time on reordering.

3rd Party Integration

Recognized as a leading third-party logistics provider, we assist you in outsourcing your operational logistics from warehousing so that you may focus on other elements of your business. Our 3PL services are scalable and customizable to meet our clients' evolving demands.

Improved Customer Experience

All of our logistics products are built with the goal of boosting client experiences. The incorporation of cutting-edge technology such as artificial intelligence (AI) within cloud-based software or apps contributes to the precision of logistics procedures.

Diagnosis & Alerts

Within the warehouse, video surveillance cameras employ artificial intelligence, machine learning, the Internet of Things, and 5G technologies to detect unauthorised thefts. We at AOX Apps research emerging market trends in order to shape the transportation and logistics industries.

Modernize Your Transportation Business With Our Unmatched Expertise.

It is time to implement technical advances to fulfil the transportation and logistics industry's ever-changing needs.
We develop simple to complicated logistics and transportation applications that enable you to take global leadership positions.

Streamlined Workflows

With the assistance of our world-class developers, you may automate repetitive operations and streamline your workflows. Our products enable organisations to simultaneously boost consumer loyalty and security.

Track Your Shipments

You can improve security, reduce fuel costs, and much more with the help of a real-time tracking system. We begin by determining your requirements and then implementing the necessary solutions.

Data Into Actionable Insights

AOX Apps' data analytic experts manage a massive volume of data and convert it to useful insights. We assist you in identifying data patterns that can be used to streamline your inventory.

Competitive Advantage through
Logistics Value-added Services

AOX Apps enables its logistics and transportation industry clients to transform their businesses into cutting-edge software solutions. We will be able to maintain a high level of client support due to our logistics skills.

Planning & Execution

Providing logistics managers with a single location where they can access all of the information they need to plan and execute their operations.

End-to-end Visibility

We help companies take full control of their supply chain processes by offering actionable insights.

Safety & Compliance

keeping logistics businesses from being fined and penalised by using a strategy that is aware of the current security trends.

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We at AOX Apps, the top provider of transportation and logistics management software, are dedicated to providing only the highest quality products to our clients. Our clients' standing in today's competitive market have been reinforced by their cooperation with us.

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Technology Foundations for High-Performance Warehouse and Logistics Management Systems

Your number one logistics software development firm in the United States of America, with its breadth and depth of technological expertise, assists you in improving overall client experiences and growing your logistics business. We offer a comprehensive ecosystem of cutting-edge technologies, innovative ideas, and time-tested practises to help you digitise your supply chain.


Blockchain technology has the ability to simplify and make digital records more available to logistics businesses at any time. We are here to help you leverage the potential of blockchain in logistics software that is tailored to your specific needs.


We aspire to delight logistics firms by providing solid software solutions that incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. We develop a platform and user interface that make process management more accessible than ever.

Cloud Computing

We help businesses minimise cloud costs by reviewing your IT architecture and recommending ways to lower cloud costs. We provide specialised cloud software development to protect your future investments.


We leverage cutting-edge technologies to help you maximise the value of your Logistics operation. By combining the benefits of virtual and augmented reality, we develop solutions that increase your efficiency and make inventory management simple.


At AOX Apps, we are surrounded by modern Big Data and business intelligence tools that enable logistics companies to derive actionable insights from a variety of data sources. We use a Big Data framework in conjunction with open source technologies like Apache Hadoop.

Internet Of Things

Uncover the "Internet of Things's" potential. Our professionals provide fully integrated software solutions for transportation and logistics firms that leverage the correct IoT technologies. We develop high-performance software for intelligent vehicles, personal devices, and other applications.

Shipping & Delivery Processes To
Perfect Your Supply Chain

Aoxapps fully customizable Logistics shipping and delivery software solutions enable complete visibility and easy administration of the supply chain from procurement to delivery.

Data Mapping & Integration Tools

Including dynamic maps in your logistic software allows you to better serve your customers and grow your business.

Google Maps

The integration of Google Maps into Logistics improves corporate efficiency and accuracy of truck movement.


Integrate Waze with your logistics software or mobile app to find addresses, mark them on maps, and give seamless navigation.

Esri GIS

Use a mapping tool like Esri GIS to plan routes based on consumer location. This technique allows for network expansion planning.

ERP Integration

To assist you in managing your data successfully, we create and link your ERP with your supply chain. Our built ERP contributes to process transparency and operational efficiency. We make certain that the end-to-end Logistics system includes all important management tools.

Tracking in real-time

We integrate real-time GPS tracking into your supply chain management system for convenient fleet, shipment, and delivery tracking. Our complete programme allows you to plan routes, evaluate product quality, and optimise transit times.

Advanced-Data Analytics

With our robust Big Data analytics software, you can detect the weak points in the Supply Chain Management system's procedures. The integration of third-party software and technologies within the system enables you to handle supply chain restrictions.

Our Logistical Software Development Methodology

All quality standards are adhered to and measured in the delivery of AOX Apps' Logistics software solutions.


Our initial step is discovery, during which we examine your business, requirements, and obstacles in order to develop a roadmap and an optimal project plan. We develop solutions that assist you in overcoming business issues only after thoroughly identifying your demands.


Following that is the development phase, which is the heart of the process and is when all essential functionalities are implemented. To ensure a smooth development process, AOX Apps' team communicates with you to ascertain your specifications and successfully implement them.


At AOX Apps, we have an experienced team of testers who are capable of performing all types of testing, including manual and automated, to ensure the final product is bug-free and performs smoothly. Our clients will receive software that delivers on its promise for an extended period of time.


We deliver the complete logistic product to our clients only once the software solutions have been implemented successfully. If there are any remaining gaps or technical concerns with the software, we immediately resolve them. The deployment is completed in the shortest amount of time possible without sacrificing quality.

Support and Maintenance

Additionally, you will receive technical assistance and maintenance from us following the product's successful deployment. You will receive ongoing maintenance for the deployed software, as well as updates to additional features and new versions. We provide in-depth consultation on software support choices.

From AOXAPPS, Hire A Team Of
Logistics Software Developers

With years of domain expertise, our logistics software developers provide you with advanced solutions that are customised to your specific business needs and expectations. We ensure that you receive the finest results possible within the specified time limit.

When it comes to building and integrating current logistics software, it is more critical than ever to leverage cutting-edge technologies. AOX Apps' team has extensive expertise developing and deploying cloud-hosted web and mobile applications for transportation and logistics companies. We ensure that you adhere to your corporate values and achieve high-quality results.

Our developers are results-driven and are committed to delivering cutting-edge logistics software on time and on budget. We develop a solution for your business difficulties only after determining your requirements. Beyond development, we have experience with a variety of methods of testing to verify that the final product is secure and runs properly across a variety of platforms.

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