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Medical Industry Automation

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building solutions that strongly impacts healthcare organizations.

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AOX Apps is not your typical healthcare custom software development company; it is one that understands how to differentiate
its clients from the competition. Our services are unmatched, and we excel at design, integration, and delivery.

Fully Developed Healthcare
Software Development Services

Healthcare software development by AOX Apps is unmatched in terms of quality and efficiency for your business.

Healthcare Mobile App

We are here to help you turn your app idea into a reality that, because to its feature-rich nature, will reach a wide range of people. AOX Apps uses cutting-edge technology to create dynamic and user-friendly healthcare mobile apps.

Healthcare Software Development

Look no further than AOX Apps to develop healthcare software that incorporates augmented and virtual reality technology. We provide dependable software that enhances the user experience.

IoMT Apps

IoMT is on track to become a highly sought-after technology in the realm of healthcare services. We create solutions from the ground up and accelerate the growth of healthcare enterprises.

Healthcare Web Development

At AOX Apps, we design online solutions that are compatible with a variety of devices by utilising cutting-edge technology, the Android SDK, and high-level programming languages. We try to provide healthcare organisations with high-performance web solutions.

App Solutions For Wearables

Obtain a competitive edge over your competitors by developing an IoT application. Our development team leverages the potential of cutting-edge technologies to create a solution that can alter your business.

Healthcare MVP Development

Gain market entry through product innovation. Our staff possesses practical expertise and analytical problem-solving abilities that will propel your project forward.

Our Relying on Technology

Realistic results are achieved by utilising the proper set of technologies for the job at hand.


Patients, families, doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies benefit from the use of IoT in the healthcare industry. Sensors and gadgets are used in IoT to measure your operations and collect Big Data. It makes it easier to track a patient's adherence to treatment recommendations and to determine whether or not immediate medical assistance is required. IoT allows for better patient connectivity and allows doctors to keep a closer eye on their patients' health.


AR/VR is used in the development of solutions by a professional healthcare custom software development firm. AR and VR can help surgeons plan their interventions and stay prepared in the event of an emergency. AR/VR can provide benefits such as improved patient experience, data visualisation and body mapping, better diagnostics and risk assessment, operation support, and medical education.

Big Data

The use of Big Data analytics in healthcare produces favourable results. Big Data refers to the massive amount of data generated as a result of digitization and consolidated by certain technologies. Big Data's potential in using detailed health data of a population to potentially prevent epidemics, cure ailments, and decrease expenses has been noticed by the software development healthcare business.


The patient is at the centre of the healthcare ecosystem, and blockchain increases healthcare data security and interoperability. It enables the integration of disparate systems to create insights and improve care quality monitoring. A large blockchain network can boost efficiency while also improving healthcare outcomes. Only if you employ a true healthcare software development business can it address trust issues, openness, and data integrity at its heart.

Voice Enabled

Voice recognition technology has ushered in a new era in the healthcare industry, allowing medical professionals to save time on data entry. They can voice-type the records while on the fly, allowing them to spend as much time as possible caring for the patients. Follow-up calls, appointment booking, diagnostics, and interactive patient engagement are all possible with the technology. Voice recognition technology can be smoothly integrated into a system by a skilled healthcare software developer.

Machine Learning

Machine learning algorithms examine hundreds of healthcare records and other patient data to find meaningful patterns linked to diseases and other health issues. In the future, it is also predicted to revolutionise cancer detection and therapy. Its goal is to increase the accuracy of all healthcare-related activities.


Traditional analytics and clinical decision-making procedures are out-of-date. AI offers a better alternative. Although the technology has yet to be fully explored, it is expected to lead to advancements such as AI-assisted robotic surgery, virtual nursing assistants, clinical judgement support, workflow and administrative job management, and image analysis. AI is only integrated into healthcare software by reputable healthcare software development companies.

Solutions We Offer

AOX Apps can help the healthcare business provide the best possible
service to patients in the most efficient manner possible.

Hospital Management System

Since its inception in 1960, the Hospital Management System (HMS) has brought healthcare facilities into the 21st century. Health Information Management Systems (HMS) eases the paperwork headaches that arise when patients are assigned to multiple departments. Our healthcare software developer's goal is to make a positive impact on people's lives by incorporating cutting-edge technologies into healthcare.

  • Maintenance of the medical records of the patients
  • Template-based treatment plans
  • Fuel consumption information applications
  • Video consultation with medical experts
  • Driver safety & analytics applications
  • Laboratory tests assignments and results
  • Maintenance of insurance information
  • Appointment settings and tokens
  • Prescriptions to pharmacy
  • Hospital inventory management
  • Doctor’s diagnosis information
  • Kiosk supported solution
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Electronic Health Record Software Solutions

We help the healthcare business by providing a break from the outdated and paper-based patient data management processes that continue to exist in the industry. Our healthcare software development services improve communication between doctors and patients by streamlining clinical processes and procedures.

EHR/EMR Mobile App Development

Scalable, cross-platform mobile apps developed by our developers make it easy to share healthcare data, track it easily, and more

EHR/EMR Implementation Services

System evaluation, data migration, training of users and pilot testing of ICD-10 codes are all part of the implementation of medical records systems.

EHR/EMR Integration Services

Cloud-based billing, insurance databases, communication modules and more can all be effortlessly integrated with other third-party technologies using industry-accepted protocols and formats.

Telehealth & Telemedicine Software Solutions

When it comes to providing remote patients with access to healthcare, no one does it better than a custom healthcare software development firm like ours. Our products are targeted for primary and urgent care providers who have data encryption capabilities.

Mobile Telemedicine Applications

Using VoIP, SMS, and device camera APIs, create a unique telehealth application that improves patient engagement, video streaming, and call routing.

Telehealth Live Video Streaming

We create high-definition conferencing software for virtual doctor consultations.

Cloud-based Telemedicine Software

Medical practitioners, hospitals, and other healthcare institutions can profit from an interoperable custom cloud-based telehealth software solution.

Telemedicine Integrations

Our developers handle RCM workflows and integrate HL7 connections into telemedicine systems.

Laboratory Information Management System
(LIMS) Software Solutions

Our USP is creating LIMS solutions. It keeps tabs on lab supplies, as well as the accuracy and safety of the data they hold.

LIMS Protocol Execution

A wide range of lab procedures are supported by LIMS. Our solution standardises the laboratory team by digitising the processes in procedures and protocols.

LIMS Inventory Management

Keep track of raw materials in the lab, convert them to finished goods, add them to the available stock list, and monitor ultimate consumption.

LIMS Security Modules

We create LIMS solutions that adhere to data integrity criteria and regulatory requirements.

Pharmacy Management Software Solutions

We are a custom healthcare software development business that can assist you with medicine delivery, patient care, and medical claims monitoring.

Pharmacy Software Development

Create customised pharmacy software with built-in medication synchronisation modules, POS integration, MTM capabilities, and other features.

Pharmacy Automation System

Automate pharmacy operations, such as refilling prescriptions and synthesising formulas.

Pharmacy Inventory Management

We use DMS, barcode scanners, and NDC manifests to automate pharmaceutical inventory management procedures.

Pharmacy Pos Software Integration

To enhance billing speed and serve more consumers, create an intuitive and simple-to-use interface.

We Unite Systems For Healthcare Providers

Medical Billing Software

Medical billing software is used by healthcare organisations to manage patient billing and collections.

Medical Inventory Software

Medical institutes can use medical inventory software to keep track of their tools, equipment, and drugs.

Healthcare CRM Software

A healthcare CRM software allows patients and healthcare providers to share data with one another.

Hospital Management Software

Schedules, appointments, auditing, and regulatory compliance are all automated by hospital administration software.

What's the Process for Getting Started?

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Get a free consultation with an Android/iOS app professional for the idea you want to turn into a mobile app. As a trusted healthcare software development firm, we build both native and cross-platform applications.

Project Discussion

Discuss your project with our business analysts who are always available via platforms such as Slack, Hangout, and the phone to answer your questions. We will respond to your questions and give you the information you need.

Know Project Terms & Deadlines

Following your meeting with one of our representatives, he will provide you with a full project proposal, with all of the pertinent details such as estimated prices and deadlines. It's entirely up to you.

Execution & Delivery

Our healthcare software developer begins working on your idea as soon as you give the green light. If you're looking for an excellent healthcare software development service, look no further.