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Manage your workflow better with AOX Apps' innovative IT solutions
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Our Mission

Our Domain Expertise

It is our goal to keep up with the ever-changing needs of our customers by providing you with the most trustworthy banking software on the market.

Software Development for Financial Institutions.

Banking and financial software solutions from AOX Apps help banks close the gap between the services they currently provide and those they can give in the future thanks to advances in digital technologies.

Customized Banking Mobile Services

To improve customer experience on smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices, our banking software development firm in New York emphasises easy-to-navigate UI and quick UX. Individual and commercial customers benefit from personalised banking, and we maintain tight relationships by offering branchless banking.

Wallet & Digital Payment Solution

To manage the entire life cycle of digital cards, we provide a fintech software development platform. It controls enrollment, credential provisioning, and secure administration. The system supports in-app payments for e-commerce and m-commerce merchants.

ERP & CRM Integration

With our ERP and CRM integration, we're upgrading the concept of customer service and eliminating information silos. Personalized interactions in our financial software development services promote loyalty and improve marketing ROI.

Core Banking Systems Integration

With modular, discoverable, and reusable APIs, AOX Apps core financial systems integration creates the agility layer. Integrate seamlessly with your bank's technological investments, such as loan origination systems, accounting software, and human resource applications, to provide users with a single location to discover what they need quickly.

Insurance App & Software Development

We are the most advanced financial software development business in the United States, providing custom insurance mobile apps that improve customer experience, save operational costs, and boost return on investment.

Cyber Security & VAPT

With our VAPT assurance that the technology environment and its digital assets are safe, adopt the latest technologies with a reputable banking software development business to protect the bank IT management from cyber attackers. VAPT's varied nature can result in substantial differences in depth, price, scope, and breadth.

Enterprise Banking Solution

Large organisations expect a financial software development company to provide a more complex application capable of quickly collecting, organising, and analysing data, as well as reducing the time required to address certain accounting or finance-related parts of the business. Fortunately, at AOX Apps, our banking software development solutions use newer, more dynamic technology. To succeed intelligently in the fintech market, you need to have customised world-class financial solutions for your firm.

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Comprehensive Solution For Financial Institution

Finally, in the realm of financial technology, where they are battling to advance from entry-level firms to substantial market contenders. Not to worry; with AOX Apps, you can fully utilise our unique financial software and have access to more advanced fintech solutions that integrate CRM, CMS, and ERP systems, as well as system integrations. With our financial software development services, you can stay one step ahead of huge internet giants, retailers, and other worldwide enterprises.

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Reliable Fintech Solution For Startup

If you intend to establish a fintech company specialising in providing all banking transactions at the user's fingertips from the comfort of their homes or any other location. Then AOX Apps is the place for you to create world-class financial applications. As a banking software development firm, our solutions will accelerate payment processing and security, enabling payment providers to leverage technology such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and API interfaces more quickly.

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Take Advantage of a Reputable Banking Software Development Company's Comprehensive Financial Software and Transform Your Business Right Now!

Comprehensive Custom Fintech Solutions
from Start to Finish

AOX Apps has a long history of offering financial software development services in New York and has been a dedicated provider of specialised FinTech solutions to the finance industry. Gain access to sophisticated and completely equipped tools from a fintech software development business and collaborate with us to win the fintech race.

Mobile App

  • Crowd Funding App
  • CryptoCurrency Apps
  • Forex Trading App/Software
  • Credit & Loan Management

Custom Fintech Solution

  • Tax Management Software
  • Software For Insurance Companies
  • Investment Management
  • Payroll Management

Huge Benefits Of
financial Software Development Services

Simplicity of Use

Secure Transactions

Paperless system

Faster data entry & improved accuracy

Improved Compliance


Join The
New Era Of Banking

To help user in a new era of banking and financing, AOX Apps is the ideal partner for you. Financial software development services in New York can be provided by us because we have the technical and operational know-how to do so. No matter what your demands are or what resources you have available, we can meet them.

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Assuring Quick Wins and Flexibility in Your Business with Custom Financial Technology

With banking software development businesses in the United States, you can compete for the best business and build market presence while preventing financial fraud.


With a focus on speed, we want you to use tools designed for analysts, bankers, and other financial actors at AOX Apps. As a result, we provide financial software development services using Python, which is the most scalable programming language. Respond to the most common difficulties faced by the financial industry when it comes to analytics, legislation, compliance, and data, all of which are made simple by Python's availability of supporting libraries.


The blockchain is essentially a distributed, public, and multi-location ledger of recorded financial transactions. As a custom financial software development business, we can confidently predict that blockchain will finally shake up financial markets in a way that benefits both customers and financial institutions. This ensures that all transactions are accurately recorded.

AI & Machine Learning

Both AI and Machine Learning function by extracting useful information from large amounts of data and delivering precise results. This data is then used by a fintech software development business to tackle complicated and data-rich challenges that are vital to the banking and finance industry. Machine learning is a subfield of data science that allows computers to learn and improve without having to be programmed.

Big Data Analytics

Many pioneering firms have already adopted Big Data's technique, which takes into account detecting fraudulent actions. As a result, as a banking software development company, we've implemented big data analytics to help us make better investment decisions with predictable returns and acquire vital knowledge to help us make better business decisions.

Network & Infrastructure Proofing

AOX Apps provides Network & Infrastructure Proofing services for strategic, operational, and tactical needs such as market entrance, company or programme expansions, business resiliency strategies, risk assessments, and incident management at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels. We also help you maximise your budget, meet your support demands, and scale your network and infrastructure to meet your company needs.

Bank & Finance App's Next-generation features

Financial Chatbot

The financial app development business in New York introduces AI chatbots in the banking industry to improve customer service. Clients can use the financial chatbot to complete a variety of financial transactions in a conversational and secure manner. It effectively monitors and recognises the warning indications of any fraudulent activity and sends direct alerts to both the customer and the bank.

Speech Recognition

Speech recognition smoothly interacts with users to get queries about financial services answered, understanding accents, slang, dialects, intonation, emphasis, and more. Speech recognition is used by the financial software development firm as an automated support staff that can categorise calls, answer inquiries, and direct customers to the appropriate location.

Data Analytics & Reporting

Using data analytics and reporting, you may quickly identify new markets and investment opportunities. AOX Apps is dedicated to creating a more efficient and intelligent organisation that can anticipate market and regulatory changes. As a banking software development company, we help financial institutions make better data-driven decisions faster.

Wealth Management

Wealth management include both financial planning and specialised financial services, such as personal retail banking, estate planning, legal and tax consulting, and investment management in custom financial app development. Our goal at AOX Apps is to build and maintain long-term wealth. Wealth management services feature specialist sales and service teams that cater to wealth management clients exclusively.


The banking business has progressed from a traditional brick-and-mortar format to align with a New York-based financial software development firm. We offer powerful security solutions to secure important intellectual property and consumer data from attackers. Financial applications are more prone to rupture data. Also, improve continuous monitoring and respond quickly to cyber-attacks.

AI Personalization

With the use of AI customization, providing customised services to clients based on their online transaction behaviours and patterns. AOX Apps has thoroughly analysed a vast amount of data using analytical/predictive algorithms to provide insight and solutions for fraud protection, cyber-security, lead creation, and, most importantly, investment operations.

Do you want to add value to your bank or financial institution?

To remain relevant in the market, you must have a customer-centric mindset. Consult a fintech software development business to get started. Outwit and defeat your competition before they make an attempt. Our developers provide customised online banking solutions for desktop and mobile banking, all of which contain integrated branding for consistency and exposure.

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Fraud Detection System For
Banking Industry Customized

To support large-scale automated attacks, sophisticated tools, mule networks, and hacked data are easily available. As a New York-based advanced banking software development company, we ensure that financial institutions have unmatched, integrated capabilities for detecting, preventing, and managing fraud and financial crime across all banking and financial business lines. Our technology improves fraud detection and prevention, reduces total cost of ownership, and safeguards the bank's brand and image.


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