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Our automotive solutions help, lower operational costs and
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How Can Software Development for the Automotive Industry Create New Business Opportunities?

  • Integration of modern technologies with the existing in-car systems
  • Promoting better decision-making by introducing machine learning and AI algorithms
  • Proving real-time data on road
  • Enabling vehicle interaction with an automotive ecosystem
  • Developing seamless interactions between humans and vehicles through HMI applications

Interested in Discovering the Benefits of Automotive Software?

Automobile Software Development of All Sizes

As an automotive software development company,
we provide world-class software that meets the automobile industry's standards.

Connected & Internet Cars

Applications that enable bidirectional communication between a car and other systems outside the vehicle. We redefine the automobile business as an automotive software development company by delivering enhanced performance, safety, and vehicle maintenance.


Modern telematics solutions include a number of common capabilities, such as automated collision notification, emergency help, good Samaritan assistance, vehicle diagnostics, insurance information, and traffic.

EV Charging Software

Modern EV charging software solutions that enable electronic vehicles and charge station operators to take use of the latest possibilities.

Smart Bikes

We connect the owner, bike, store, and cloud service inside the ecosystem using IoT technology. Our Automotive Software Development Services provide two-wheeler navigation systems with increased safety, dependability, and simplicity.

Navigation & Mapping

Precision-enhanced real-time and intelligent mapping solutions ensure secure navigation and vehicle mapping at all times and locations. We, as a leading Automotive Software Company, strive to keep deployment times to a minimum.


Protecting the mobile-car-cloud ecosystem against internal and external risks and threats. Our Automobile Software Vendors conduct security audits to ensure the software's quality and to identify weak spots.

Hire An Automotive Software Engineer

Your business's software is not an afterthought. Our rapidly growing Automotive Software Development Company specialises
in developing powerful automotive software. We provide industry-leading solutions to the automobile sector.

Automotive Workshop Management Software

We propel your firm into the future of service, repair, and maintenance workshops. Our scalable solutions work for any size business. The platform provides real-time data via the app, which connects the customer to your workshop at any time and from any location.

Speak with one of our specialists to determine which of our solutions is the best fit for your firm.

Automotive Inventory Management Software

Our systems provide easy control of all facets of vehicle inventory. We employ an elegant user interface that makes it simple and efficient to use, as well as CRM and data integration, as well as workflow automation.

Kindly contact us to discuss your project requirements.

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Attempting Is the First Step Towards Believing

We offer automotive software development services that have the ability to alter your business and put it on the digital map.

Multiple Platforms Benefit Massively.

Our automobile software development services in New York provide consumers with novel benefits across numerous platforms.

  • Mobile bluetooth and mobile use applications
  • GPS-enabled systems and voice recognition applications
  • Fuel consumption information applications
  • Weather & road conditions applications
  • Driver safety & analytics applications
  • Car maintenance applications
  • Music & media player applications
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Compared to other automotive software development companies, why should you go with us?

We've amassed a wealth of experience in the ever-expanding field of automotive software development over the years.
We genuinely believe that seeing is believing. Allow our professionals to provide you with a road map that will lead you to success.

Rich Testing Experience

For each project, our professionals use tried-and-true testing methods to deliver the highest possible level of quality to our clients.

Innovative Minds

We're constantly coming up with new ways to set our product different from the competition while maintaining a centralised focus on technology.

Strict Penetration Testing

Detecting risks to the programme requires extensive penetration testing, which we do.

Holistic Approach

AOX Apps is on the lookout for threats and working to address them on the ground floor.